Monday, June 16, 2008

Jack, I swear...

That's the last sentence of Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain just before the sound of "The Wings" turn your heart into pieces. Brokeback Mountain breaks my heart...
That was the first time I saw after Heath Ledger's death. I had seen twice. Then I bought the DVD, with 2 discs, but I wasn't planning to see so soon, cause I'm feeling a little sad these days and this movie hurts. Much more now for Heath. I just watch now... Masochism, I guess.
It's one of the most beautiful love histories ever told on the screens. Every frame is so full of sadness, I barely can take it. And the Gustavo Santaolalla's soundtrack...

Of course, both actors are splendidly beautiful and talented. Jake Gyllenhaal it looks like an angel, lending those sad eyes to the character. Heath's superb suffocated performance become the experience even more devastating when you remember he passed away so soon.

It takes courage to do such thing and how brave they were! The scenes between them are so full of truth, something that only two GREAT, GREAT ACTORS could have done. What about that look of Alma (Michelle Williams), upon the desperately passionated kiss and "Hey, baby, I'm going to fish".

"Love is a force of nature". Yes, it is. Also Heath and Jake. Ennis and Jack. Twist Del Mar.

The shirts... At first Ennis shirts inside Jake's... Like Ennis inside Jake. And in the end, Jake's shirt inside Ennis, but never more in life. Have you ever smelt the clothes from a loved one? Ouch!

"He was a friend of mine"