Monday, June 23, 2008


What do you demand can be quite different than you will find. Be alert!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


One of the movies I bought this month was "Sleepers". I like this movie. The cast is fantastic! Specially Brad Renfro. Yes, I guess I'm a little... dark... I can't help it. He was one of my favorite actors.

What happens with these boys, for Christ sake! I know it must be hard to live in this world, but there'll be someone to help, always. Everybody has problems, pains, scars. I have my own. I tried to kill myself, once or twice, but I never really wanted to. I cried for help and I got it. I can't say my pain's gone, cause it didn't, but I kept it under control, I don't wanna suffer all the time. It's a matter of wisdom, maturity. My mind drives me crazy then I turn it around to other business, like keep myself busy. So I write, play with my nephew and my cats and when I'm really upset, I call a friend. Of course, it's not that simple, but I fight.

Anguish, frustration, all those feelings who consumes us, by the own life condition, either we face it or our soul simply dies. And this is the death in life, what it's the worst thing can happens.

Well, back to "Sleepers". Those are the dead souls. In Brazil it calls "Sleepers - The Sleepy Vengeance" - yeah, it sounds weird.

There's something strange in this movie. We feel like could be better, but the juvenile cast steals the film. Incredible how we could guess who is who, the boys and their adult version, if they weren't named.

It think the director, Barry Levinson, left the cast too slack. What is great for some actors, like Kevin Bacon, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Vittorio Gassman, Bruno Kirby, Frank Medrano, Terry Kinney, all wonderful, it seems doesn't work for Jason Patric, Brad Pitt, Billy Crudup. Ron Eldard is good, already saw him much better. Minnie Driver's character is dull, but she's more contained than usually, what is a relief. The result is irregular but some scenes worth watching.

That was the first time Kevin Bacon plays a paedophile. The second, in "The Woodsman, 2004", a very disturbing and great movie, he did it again, brilliantly. He's that kind of guy who is so charming, but has this "psycho thing" that makes us nervous, exactlly for his apparent sympathy. GREAT ACTOR.

Robert De Niro, a priest? Very sexy!

Well, I just love this movie, for what it is or could have been.

Michael Sullivan (Brad Renfro/Brad Pitt)
Lorenzo 'Shakes' Carcaterra (Joe Perrino/Jason Patric)
John Reilly (Geoffrey Wigdor/Ron Eldard)
Tommy Marcano (Jonathan Tucker/Billy Crudup)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shia LaBeouf Is Really Fucked!

Insane! Shia LaBeouf is so damn fucked! I really hope he's prepared for all kind of shit is coming about him. Every single slide, on the past and present-day, will become something "Uh". Just because he's on the top now.

The guy doesn't deserve this. He's just a kid who's doing your job for a long time and for worth is having sucess. I cheer on him. But I think he needs counselling. Maybe somebody to keep him out of trouble, like drink and drugs and focused. It will be a waste to lose him for those "celebrity things".

He seems to be smart, but we don't know what goes on his heart and soul. Do we? Grow up in front of cameras, being watched almost all the time? I WANT to believe he's gonna be OK.

His talent is undeniable, is natural. He's funny, charming, sexy...


Don't stop smoking. Of the lesser evil...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jack, I swear...

That's the last sentence of Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain just before the sound of "The Wings" turn your heart into pieces. Brokeback Mountain breaks my heart...
That was the first time I saw after Heath Ledger's death. I had seen twice. Then I bought the DVD, with 2 discs, but I wasn't planning to see so soon, cause I'm feeling a little sad these days and this movie hurts. Much more now for Heath. I just watch now... Masochism, I guess.
It's one of the most beautiful love histories ever told on the screens. Every frame is so full of sadness, I barely can take it. And the Gustavo Santaolalla's soundtrack...

Of course, both actors are splendidly beautiful and talented. Jake Gyllenhaal it looks like an angel, lending those sad eyes to the character. Heath's superb suffocated performance become the experience even more devastating when you remember he passed away so soon.

It takes courage to do such thing and how brave they were! The scenes between them are so full of truth, something that only two GREAT, GREAT ACTORS could have done. What about that look of Alma (Michelle Williams), upon the desperately passionated kiss and "Hey, baby, I'm going to fish".

"Love is a force of nature". Yes, it is. Also Heath and Jake. Ennis and Jack. Twist Del Mar.

The shirts... At first Ennis shirts inside Jake's... Like Ennis inside Jake. And in the end, Jake's shirt inside Ennis, but never more in life. Have you ever smelt the clothes from a loved one? Ouch!

"He was a friend of mine"

I Want To Know What Love Is

This is a beautiful old song, originally performed by Foreigner. I've heard in a comercial of a new drink here in Brazil. Now, I was watching "Cold Case" and the episode it ended with this song.

There's another version, performed by Tina Arena, I like it too.

And they have another song, as beautiful as this one, called "I Don't Want To Live Without You". I don't know why, but my heart likes this song.

I've got the feeling that nobody knows what love is, but the desperate seeking keeps going. That's why:

I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner
Written by Mick Jones

I gotta take a little time,
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines,
In case I need it when I'm older
Now this mountain I must climb,
Feels like the world upon my shoulders
Through the clouds I see love shine,
It keeps me warm as life grows colder
In my life
There's been heartache and pain
I don't know
If I can face it again
Can't stop now,
I've travelled so far,
To change this lonely life
I want to know what love is,
I want you to show me
I want to feel what love is,
I know you can show me
I'm gonna take a little time,
A little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide,
It looks like love
Has finally found me
In my life
There's been heartache and pain
I don't know
If I can face it again
Can't stop now,
I've travelled so far,
To change this lonely life
I want to know what love is,
I want you to show me
I want to feel what love is,
I know you can show me
I want to know what love is,
I want you to show me
(And I wanna feel) I want to feel what love is
(And I know) I know you can show me


You know, men are not very complex. Their world revolves around desire and fear. Not many variations.

I have this friend, a really very good friend, who thinks like a woman (or pretends). Well, almost all the girls wants him (I wanted once). After take several girls to bed, he felt that "empty" (very feminine), then he decided to abstain himself of sex. He's 27 years old.

Well, what I think is that I would be the right woman to him. He has this attraction for oldest women. His mother is older than his father. Those things. It seems perfect, right. But he never will face it. Better this way.

There is this chemistry, his kiss must be great, the sex would be fantastic...



Well, better stop thinking about it, cause never gonna happen. No.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Falling Star

I just saw, right now, a "falling star". What are the chances of you looking at the sky and see this. I don't know. This is the third time I see one. The first time was in December 09 1994 02:50PM. The second in April 09 1997 08:58PM. Comet, Meteor, Star... Shit. This is crazy. This "zip". Of course I want to believe this is a signal, I'm romantic... The signs, ok, they're everywhere. But, a falling star? It's disturbing! In an exciting way...

M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening"

I saw M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" yesterday. There's something we can't deny. The guy doesn't choose easy ways. You must let your mind very free to board into his world. I'm thinking about, digesting. He knows how to creat images that can't be forgotten. Particularly, I love this. I'm tired of obvious. Obviously. You know what I mean? Me neither...

Anyway. With M. Night there's always a surprise. We are always expecting something like "The Sixth Sense", but it seems he is always trying to escape. He's a genious! Here in Brazil, the name of the movie is "End of Times".
And FYI: Mark Wahlberg, besides of being an excelent actor is also one of the most delicious men I've ever seen.


I'm brazilian. I don't know English fluently. My language is Portuguese.

I'm gonna write the craziest things and I hope to be corrected and evaluated. Like an exercise. That will be fun! I really need to learn this fucking language.

Hey, I have a dictionary. So, don't underestimate me.

Anyway, if you do, no problem. I'll never know. Unless you tell me. Let me know.

My first doubt just appear: the word "craziest" do exist? I swear I've heard somewhere... I'm talking about some variation of the word CRAZY.

C'mon, teach me slangs!!!