Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christian Bale is not that kind of guy

Ok, I'm ready to say: Christian Bale is the best ACTOR in the whole world. It doesn't matter any particular preferences, the fact is that he is the best. Saying this cost a lot to me because I always tried to deceive myself that Russell Crowe was the one. Nothing better than watch them face to face to verify that Russell is marvelous, but Christian is years-light beyond any other. Let me try to explain.

Christian Bale shocked right in his first appearance on the screens, with only 12-13 years old, in the "Empire Of The Sun". What was that!

After that, he was never less than brilliant. And I challenge anyone to point the opposite. Small roles, big roles, it seems no matter to him, is always a spectacle.

What I think that makes the difference about Christian: HE'S NOT VAIN! In my humble opinion, an actor cannot be vain!

If he must be skeletal, he will be.

If he must face a sexy Russell Crowe, as an one-legged man, yellow teeth and totally out of glamour, he will.

If he must kiss a man in the mouth, he does.

If the case is to run naked, wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers and with a sawing machine in the hands, he's the man.

If he has to let someone else shine in his place, even if he is the main star, that's him.

And now, this strange history. He attacked his mother and sister! Ok, only laughing...

Maybe something happened, like a family quarrel, but nobody will convince me that this guy beats in his own mother. Not this guy.

I recognize a trouble maker when I see one. Russell Crowe is a trouble maker. I love him, but he is. Russell's got a temper, but his talent and charism are above all. And I think he's more like somebody that doesn't have so much patience and I can't condemn him, because I am intolerant too.

But Christian, no! I hope this absurd history be cleared up soon. Anyway, his personal life is nobody's business...

And never late... I'm not being influenced by the fact that he's sexy, fascinating, elegant, intriguing, has one of the most beautiful bodies ever seen... Simply Gorgeous!!!!!

Yeah! He smokes... Very HOT...